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Stormcraft Studios anticipates the long awaited launch of Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning. Team members were determined to lift this iconic brand to the next level. They dedicated a considerable amount of time and energy into the crafting of a spectacular game. This title offers exciting features and amazing win potential. Read on to find some Thunderstruck press interviews and articles.

Thunderstruck® Wild Lighting is a reboot of the franchise. The visual fidelity of the game dramatically improves with the main character of Thor, fully realized in 3D. A selectable playlist of 5 tracks is available in the base game for players to customize their gaming experience, with each of the features in the game enhancing the original songs and music.

Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning has evolved into a truly legendary gaming experience, filled with all the innovation, entertainment and craftsmanship users have come to expect from a Stormcraft slot.

Thunderstruck Press:


“Who is Stormcraft Studios? The online game development team is comprised of talented individuals with years of experience in the iGaming sector.”

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“Terence Igesund from Stormcraft Studios takes us behind the scenes to find out more about the studio behind one of the most popular slot franchises of all time.”

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“We’re excited to learn more about what’s going on at Stormcraft Studios and what’s in the pipeline!”

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“Stormcraft Studios is known throughout the industry as one of the most creative and hardworking providers you will ever come across. Its games ooze perfection, and if you ever wanted to see how the team does it, now is your chance.”

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“So far, our readers have many chances to learn about this developer’s slots. But this time around, Casinos Online got an exclusive!!”

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“Based in South Africa, Stormcraft Studios is a well-known game development company founded in 2016 by seasoned game developers. Their goal is clear: create memorable experiences, strong characters, and immersive gameplay. And that’s not it, they do it cross-platform.”

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“Craftsmanship is one of Stormcraft’s core principles which applies to all aspects of game creation. From the concept sketches and maths modelling, through to development and marketing strategies, all facets of the game are carefully considered with quality assurance done at every point in the process.”

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“Stormcraft is the studio behind Thunderstruck and it recently launched the third title in the franchise, Thunderstruck Wild Lightning with promises of the most thrilling experience yet.”

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