3D Slot Game character Jungle Jim runs away from boulder
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Enter the creative world of Stormcraft Studio’s 3D Design Team and learn their approach with bringing 3D slot game characters to life. 

Entertainment is our Craft

Incredible craftsmanship and epic entertainment are what Stormcraft Studios’ games are all about. We love capturing the imagination of players with our narratives and visual design including our 3D slot game elements. The artistry seen in the 3D animation of our games is a crucial part of what makes our games unique. Beyond the lighting and texturing, it’s all about breathing life and personality into our 3D characters. Our 3D design team is made up of talented specialists as well as generalists, and here they offer a sneak peek into their world.

3D Slot Game character Jungle Jim Taking a Selfie with a Sphinx Statue

Epic gaming is all in the detail

Animation is a meticulous process and involves making sure every angle of a game’s visuals has, well, an angle. And there’s a lot to consider. The 3D team puts focuses on the performance of the story, such as taking a 3D slot game character like Jungle Jim and working in all the details that make him such an endearing character. It’s incredibly detailed work, but according to our Senior 3D Artist: “any 3D artist would relish the idea of working with a character that is full of…character! Jim definitely hits the mark.”

The other side of the story involves creating experiences through shading, lighting and rendering. The spectacular trailer for Jungle Jim is particularly dense with vivid detail. Each member of the team brings their own personality to a project, which contributes to the emotional connection that players so often make with a Stormcraft game – there is real heart and soul behind the scenes. 

Hitting the jackpot in 3D animation

But it’s a job that combines creativity with technical problem solving, and Stormcraft’s 3D animators also relish that challenge. Modelling game assets and rigging 3D slot game characters takes specialised software and a lot of patience. There’s nothing like the feeling of having ‘nailed it’ once a vision is fully realised with depth and Stormcraft flair.

It’s the passion for that vision that gets us there. Everyone on the 3D team wants to do their best work because there’s so much experience and talent in the room (even if that room is a virtual one during a pandemic!), and the quality of the final products are so high: Getting the chance to work on quality 3D games and characters, and putting your own stamp and personality into it, is a great way to spend my working day!” 

3D Slot Game character Jungle Jim clapping

Together, the team are constantly trying to push the boundaries of what is possible, and the evolution of the tech keeps the work fresh and interesting. “We are a passionate, talented bunch who all want to produce the best possible product. Our success during the lockdown have proven that. Stormcraft’s biggest asset is its people, and that’s pretty cool.”

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