Creating a game soundtrack is an art form, and Immortal Romance™ II is no exception. In this exclusive Immortal Romance™ II soundtrack interview, Executive Producer Terence Igesund takes us through the journey of crafting this sequel. From overcoming challenges to collaborating with talented artists, he shares it all.

It’s been over 12 years since you produced the musical soundtrack for the original Immortal Romance. How challenging was it to begin creating the Immortal Romance™ II soundtrack for such a highly anticipated sequel?

It’s crazy to think that 12 years have passed since we launched the original game. I always knew that I would be creating a sequel, so had been collecting ideas and inspiration for the narrative and obviously the music for a long time. The challenging part was starting… was committing to the official initiation of the project. The responsibility of delivering a follow up to one of the most commercially successful online slot brands of our industry, was and continues to be, truly terrifying.


Immortal Romance™ continues to be a fan favourite and the music is a big contributor. When did you first realize that the music had developed such a huge fan following? Can you share any fan reactions that particularly resonated with you?

I remember opening an email one morning from an operator helpdesk that contained multiple queries from players wanting to know who the band was that created the music and where they could buy the soundtrack. Following that we saw threads being started on player forums where people were speculating about who the singers were and discussing which songs were their favourite. Seeing that response motivated me to get the music onto streaming sites, like Spotify, which I understand was another industry first. I remember hearing from a very excited operator who told me that he listened to In the Dead of Night on repeat during his run every morning.

Did your creative process change much from the first game soundtrack, and where did you find your inspiration?

The biggest difference would be that the original soundtrack was created after the first game was completed, whereas now we have crafted the music and songs in parallel with the creation of the visuals and development of the engine. This gave us more time to conceptualize and get continuous feedback from the team to ensure we were creating something that resonated with the brand.  Songs were continually being added to our shared inspiration playlists, which was instrumental in helping identify the feelings that we wanted to evoke for each character’s theme songs.

What can you tell us about the collaboration process of working with multiple artists during the creation of the soundtrack?

We have a lot of experience collaborating with multiple artists, both local and international.  It’s so important that the vision for the music brand is clear and that you have communicated expectations and provided enough inspirational direction. We record demo vocal tracks as part of the process, which we then share along with the music and lyrics, with the recording artist. It’s so important that they can connect with the song emotionally, and I always ask them to make me believe that they wrote the song themselves based on their own experiences.

Do you have a favourite song? Are there any specific tracks on the vinyl album that hold particular significance for you?

Mmmm…this is like asking which one of your kids are your favourite. What I will admit to is that my favourite is always changing, depending on my mood or current situation. All the songs hold a special significance for me as I drew on my personal experiences of feeling betrayed or disillusioned or not good enough… to write the lyrics and direct the music. Each character represents an emotional archetype that everyone will be able to relate to in some human way. Its not all about darkness though – the mid 8 bridge in Michael’s song for example, is so beautifully composed that it makes me emotional every time I hear it.

What motivated the decision to create a vinyl album for the game’s music? How did the process of curating tracks for the vinyl differ from the in-game soundtrack?

We created a vinyl album for Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning a few years ago and it was incredibly well received, so I knew then that Immortal Romance II would be getting its own album as well. A vinyl album makes for such a classic collectible in this age of digital music, but it needed to stand out and feel modern. So, this time we ensured that the supplier would be able to deliver on our vision of making the album a mouth-watering, translucent, red vinyl. We are excited to be able to deliver the songs from the original game on one side, with the latest tracks from the new game on the other side of the album.


How do you envision the legacy of the game’s music, especially with the release of this vinyl album? Would you consider integrating original music into future projects?

One of the core values and principles of Stormcraft Studios is Entertainment. We don’t just make slot games, we craft engaging gaming experiences, and music is a big part of those experiences.  We will always make more of an effort with big brands like Thunderstruck® and Immortal Romance, as they have a complex underlying narrative that supports the experience, with music being a great vehicle to bring that narrative to the player.

Is there anything you’d like to share to those who have supported the game and its music over the years?

Well firstly, I would like to say thank you to all our fans out there, for all your encouragement and support over the years. You guys continue to inspire us to make amazing products for you to enjoy. We would love to hear from you so please follow us on social media and share any comments and questions you might have.  This album will be available on most digital music and streaming sites and will be our fourth official album released… and most certainly not our last!

Listen to the Immortal Romance™ II game soundtrack on Spotify here.



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